Wednesday, May 9

Proud Nana....Granddaughter in Peru...

I just had to brag a little and show you my beautiful granddaughter Melissa in Peru.
She took off in March for a couple of years to see the world, Mel is such a free spirit, loves people and animals...not sure in what order!
She loves deep sea diving and worked for a couple of years in north Queensland taking people down for dives, the big turtles used to come to her and she thus earned the name of 'The Turtle Lady'.
Mel is hoping to do some great dives in the waters of the Mediterranean....and will be visiting Malta where we came from.
She started her adventure off in Melbourne to visit her mum for a week before setting off for Mexico with a girlfriend, they spent a month there and now they are in Peru.
They went to Colca Caynon and saw Condors, the largest flying bird in the world, and now they are going up 4000 metres to do the inca trail..
Have fun and take care Mel...


  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful experience! I can imagine the stories and tales she will come home with Julia - she has the most beautiful smile and so photogenic!

  2. Melissa sure looks like both her mother and grandmother. Such a lovely smile.

    She's a brave girl having that hawk's talons digging into her arm.

    What a great time she will have,travelling to such interesting places. I hope you can show more photos.

    I looove the hat.

  3. Your Granddaughter is so lovely. What a wonderful adventure for her.
    The Japanese weaving looks very interesting, lucky you getting taught how to!


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