Saturday, May 19

Playing with Textiles....

This time last year at the big craft show, I was so impressed with all the beautiful fabric textile crafts, so impressed I've been wanting to have a go at doing it myself, but I just didn't know where to start...
There were beautiful wearable art that you wouldn't believe, so fragile and delicate looking.
I tried over and over, my Hushqvarna to stitch the metallic threads, but it just did not like them, then just the other day I was 'talking' to MaureenC and she has an old Janome that she uses, which just happens to be like one that I also have, so out came my old trusty Janome, guessed it, it worked like a charm... I'm so glad I kept that machine... Thank you Maureen for your help.
Above is my result of yesterdays play, I started with a base fabric of black with a gold leaf print, then I layered pieces of gold lace motifs, crescent shapes cut from gold lame fabric and a Victorian print.
I covered the whole lot with a fine black tulle and then stippled over that with three different colours of metallic threads, now I'm embellishing it with beading....I like it...but I do tend to keep going back to the Victorian style.
Now I just need to get out of my comfort zone and try to break out a bit and be a bit more adventurous...I can't wait to see what's at the craft show next week!...
Here is a link to some beautiful works of art at The Thread Studio click on the gallery link in the sidebar to see more


  1. Julia I feel breathless looking at this wonderful piece.
    It is Fantastic. The mind boggles at thinking what you'd create if it Was your comfort zone.

  2. julia, this is so pretty!!!!!!! Isn't it lovely when you are inspired by others work and you always manage to do this to me!

  3. Julia, oh my goodness this is beautiful. You have so much talent and I love watching you take it to the next level. It motivates me to go for it!

  4. So beautiful! I also love the bag on your next post, but there is no comment box for that post.
    I have a Janome I love, but I have never done anything like this.
    That ribbon rose on the bag is so special, it makes it.

  5. OOOOOOHHHHHH MMMYYYYYY! It's a good thing there is no webcam on my monitor or you'd all be checking out my tonsils, that is for sure!

    That is just AWESOME and so ELEGANT looking - I wish I had that purse. BUT then what's the fun of having party stuff when you have no part to go to! It is just beautiful, I'm still in awe!

    Rose Anne B

  6. julia
    this bag and also the ovely picture are so beautiful- I adore the bag its so expressive and so is the picture and you are using so many techniques and yet its all "connected" Julia comfort zone no longer is a term that applies to you- You can do anything with anything and it turns out lke these have- Beautiful
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo


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