Tuesday, May 22

My Creative Working Space...I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by my dear CQ friend Pat, who I admire greatly and has been a great inspiration to me when I started my journey into Crazy Quilting and even more so now with her beautiful work....to share my little piece of space where I spend many hours being creative.
This is looking into my studio from the door and working my way around...which was really a spare bedroom.
My Dh Made me this Pine dresser the boxes on the shelves are filled with CQ fabrics, a box for each colour, a small TV and underneath in the dresser is teddy bear mohair fur from my teddy making days, dress patterns from my dressmaking days, bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff, etc....Dh also made me that cotton reel rack.
Here, I have my Husqvarna sewing machine which is great for sane quilting as it has a wide throat and a great hands free needle and foot lift, above on the curtain pelmet is a swag of hearts that were swaps in the Chain of Hearts Group...I have lots more but have not made then into anything yet.
Moving around to the next wall is my cutting table with my trusty old Janome 655R machine that I am having so much fun playing with layering textiles etc...
Above the table is a shelf with bits of fabric, phone and anything else that needs to be out of the way while I'm working here.
Under the cutting table is more stack able storage boxes, I can never have enough storage...

Next to the table is a small bookcase with my files filled with patterns and ideas to do!...that fold away table is the one I take to the family room when I'm stitching out there, it's a mess at the moment with all the treads and ribbons I was using on my Family quilt.
The door there is a built in cupboard full of p/work fabrics etc..
Around from that door is a chest of draws full of silk ribbons, threads, fabric paints, dyes, laces, buttons and everything else.
On top is my bead stash, could really do with a bit more room for them, the little green cabinet with the teddies painted on them I did in my folk art painting days...I soon gave that up as it really was not my thing!
next is a stack of drawers filled with laces, ribbons threads and so on...
This is my little sewing corner in the family room..that trunk is full of craft books...I would hate to add up the cost of all those books!

My Dh sectioned off the trunk so that I could have all the different books in their right place and order, underneath the ones on top are books on their side, years and years fo Aussie Australian Craft and Decorating, the Aussie girls would know of them and Embroidery and Cross Stitch.

My dream would be to have about twice this space again and then I could really spread out and be more organized..
Now who shall I tag, I will have to think about that..


  1. Oh I love sticky beaking into other crafters studio's and seeing all the goodies and the way people have things set up! Your studio looks gorgeous Julia and Ren is very clever creating those cupboards for you!
    I also can relate whole heartedly with the mention of spending a fortune on magazines, two of my favorites Australian Country Craft and Embroidery and Cross stitch. Never game to count how many there are, think we'd keel over in shock! lol

  2. Hello ribbon wiz what a lovely crafting room you have, I am so pleased to re-visit your blog today and see your great photos.

    over a year ago you were one of the first people to visit my blog and leave a comment and so I am just visiting some of my old posts and decided to drop in on you today.
    best wishes Lee-ann

  3. I have been enjoying looking at all the wonderful studios. Your's is very feminine, and soft. I know how much you must enjoy working in there.

  4. Thanks for sharing Julia. You are so organized!!! Such a lovely space to create. I loved seeing the table of embellishments and a current project. I do that too when I carry a project downstairs to be with my DH. It looks like an awful mess when I am done but so worth cleaning up.

  5. Lovely organised studio! I wish mine looked like that. But when I tidy up, I cant find anything?

  6. What a dream craft room! And you are so lucky to have a hubby who is kind enough to indulge you by making special shelves etc. - wish you lived nearer to me!


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