Sunday, May 13

Melissa in Peru...more pics

I just had to share these beautiful photos from my DGD Melissa in Peru...that's her on the left with her girlfriend whose name is also Melissa...
This is what she had to say...In Cuzco, Peru at the moment, and loving it. The people are just lovely.
I have just finished the Inca trail but before I go into that I´ll fill you in on the last week or so...

How's this for a view...
We have taken a trip to the Sacred Valley which was a gorgeous little town... better yet was where the Pisac markets are, Mel and I went just a little crazy.
So the Inca Trail....
We walked to our first camp sight which was Ayapta.
It was a 16 km walk but up about 1000m. ..Was quite a cruisey day compared to the next day.
We only have to carry our day pack which was awesome I travelled light.
We also get a duffle bag, in which we could put 5 kilos in, that the amazing porters carry, this includes your sleeping bag and everything.
For our group of 9 we had 15 porters who all carry 25 kilos each, this is all cooking stuff, tents, chairs etc. ...And they run, they´re crazy!!
Some of the trail is just so steep and massive steps. They are there at each camp for lunch and dinner with everything set up.

Day two was a 5:30am wake up and it was raining this was the biggest day of all with two passes.
The first was called dead women's pass, and we walked from 3300mts to 4200mts.
It was hard and at the top it was snowing... I was absolutely stoked cause I´ve never seen snow!! But gee it was cold!
We went down to 3580mts for lunch then it was up over another pass.
We got to camp at 4:30 and there were our porters with our tents set up and some nice hot Milo, WHAT CHAMPIONS!! Least to say we were all buggered...

This is Mel's little sister 's teddy that she took with her to see the world, then she'll give it back to Rebeccah a well travelled bear..
Day 3 wake up call was 6:30am The sun was out and the view beautiful, it was an easier day and with my baby calf's feeling the way they did I was grateful.
The trail on day 3 is the most original, and quite rainforesty. We visited a few Inca sites and got to camp at about 3.
Here there was a bar and hot showers . What a treat!!
Tonight was our last night with our porters and they made a cake, so cute! We made a speech for them and had a traditional dance with them.
Day 4 It was up and a walk to the famous Inca city and it was just unbelievable, massive and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Very special place!.
No wonder they built there, the view just spectacular.
We had a guided tour and then Mel and I were off to the hot springs for our sore muscles.

What do you think? What an amazing trip for these two adventuress girls...


  1. How lovely of you to share your granddaughter's wonderful letter.
    They are truly enjoying their trip, & it is wonderful to read of their adventures.
    Beautiful girls!

  2. Wow Julia, what an experience for your Grand-daughter and the places she has visited are amazing. One place on this planet I've always wanted to visit, the home of the Inca's - the history is just amazing and so utterly fascinating. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed both posts about her and what they are doing!


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