Thursday, May 24

Japanese Quilt......third prize!

Hi girls, What a day it was yesterday...a day full of exciting fun and unexpected emotions.
Well, I won third prize, I'm sorry I can't show you photos of the other winning quilts as it might not be the right thing to do at this stage, the quilts are still on show.....
First prize went to a beautiful wallhanging of cherry blossom trees with a Japanese shrine and Japanese trees in the back ground,...but on this quilt the cherry blossoms were made up of 1,441 tiny appliqued petals and buds , just stunning well worthy of 1st prize.
Second went to a friend with a panel of a Japanese geisha girl, but the way she embellished the geisha was just beautiful.
Then I got third...I was thrilled to bits to say the least,

My prize package donated by Heartlands Emporium in country Narembeen... is made up of a carry/organizer bag with all pockets for thread fabric etc, a pack of 10 bright 1/8th's quilt fabrics, a packet of gorgeous fancy buttons and would you believe Victorian.. cameo etc...a Suffolk puff maker gadget, a pattern for a block.
There were lots of Japanese quilts, which seemed to make up most of the displays..

Here's me receiving my prize and certificate, Dh had trouble getting in to take photos as there were a lot of people there and he was a bit far away

I thought that was it, so I started to talk to my friends not paying attention to what was going on around me, then Linda my DD said to me "mum, your called up again" I was stunned...I went up and they said I was awarded the prestige award of Amateur Best Hand Applique...but this award, which humbled me and felt very honoured to win was, to be guardian for a year of a framed piece of work done by a group of quilters called "Blackboy Hill Quilters".
This work is made up of fabrics from stash, that belonged to a lady called Val Meyerink, she was part of that group, but back in 1998, Val died in tragic circumstances...I never knew her, but they say she was a teacher of p/work and enjoyed helping beginners to get started in the craft..
In her honour, her group made this framed work and each year it is awarded to someone to have for a year, they used to give a miniature one the same to keep , but as they have run out of her fabric, they now give a $100 gift in her memory, so I was given the work to look after for a year and the $100, but I was so stunned!.
I didn't buy too much...misty fuse that Viv and I shared, Angelina film, and some threads.
Maureen C I may need your help on using this...this stuff is all new to me.
My friend Robin and I did a workshop on silk paper making and loved it, my piece of paper silk is hanging out to dry in the garage, it has bits of wire and all sorts of fibres in it. I'll show what it's like when it's dry...I don't know why it's called paper as really it's silk fabric!
This time last year I won a blue ribbon for my "Aunt Maggies Tulip Quilt", .. So it was a great thrill to win a ribbon again this year.
I may just have to go to the craft show again before it finishes on Sunday...yesterday now seems like just a dream!...


  1. Julia, Congratulations !!
    You have realy earned this prize, the quilt is wonderful.

  2. Congratulations Julia!! Yours is a wonderful quilt, & well worthy of the prize. In fact double congratulations for the second presentation too!
    I think your quilt looks wonderful, & it was fun to share the progress as you made it.

  3. Julia, I am so proud and you so deserved to win as your quilt (as always with anything you create) is just amazing and beautiful. HUGS and congratulations!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! We all feel like we're a part of the winning team since we watched your quilt come to life. Very nice prize, and the second award -- WOW. Thanks for sharing the results with us -- YOU deserve it!!

  5. Congratulations on your prize and award. I really enjoyed reading about your progress as this quilt went together. It is truly lovely!

  6. Oh Julia, I'm so happy for you! How exciting! Your quilt is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your prize (stash)!

    You'll enjoy the Angelina. It's really fun to play with and you'll get some really interesting results!

    Congratulations to you Julia!

  7. Congratulations on both awards. Your quilt is beautiful.

  8. Yay Julia!!! It's a beautiful quilt and I'm so happy that you received two prizes for it. You must be thrilled!

  9. Oh Julia, Congratulations!!! Your quilt looks wonderful, I bet it is even better in real life...
    You'll be busy creating more great things with your winnings...
    cheers - Faye

  10. Julia
    my sincere congratulations on your wonderful prize winning day...and my thanks to Reno for being "there" with camera to record the moment.
    And hey,your blog is showing up just gaps !

  11. Hi Julia, I'm just catching up with all my favorites after a long time and I am thrilled to bits to hear you won third prize for this quilt! Congratulations!!

  12. WOW! I have just discovered your blog and think your quilt is amazing!!!
    Well deserved prize!
    You are very inspirational.

  13. Hello Julia, Nat sent me over after you commented on her post about Ziguzagu. I adore your Japanese quilt, and many congratulations on your awards - the story of the Blackboy Hill Quilters piece is lovely, I'm sure you are enjoying looking after that! Lis x


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