Thursday, May 10

Japanese Meshwork...Hearts

I played around with the Japanese mesh work yesterday and made up this piece...
Can you make out the hearts..if you tilt your head a bit to one side , you can see the hearts.
This piece is a little bit easier to do than the tumbling blocks...still fiddly but easier.
There's one more I'm trying to do, but I'm not having much luck.
As my Dh says ' never give up. perseverance pays off in the end' so I'll get back to it...


  1. Now this is spectacular Julia, the hearts are like a 3D effect. I really love this look!

  2. Very pretty. I love the woven look it has to it. And the colors are wonderful together!

  3. Those hearts are lovely- something different. Love the colour combination.

  4. Turned out SO lovely, both your work and the pattern!!

  5. Oooh this one I really love. I can see how the weaving is worked, but no idea for the cube one.
    Do you work with a frame Julia?


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