Wednesday, May 9

Japanese Mesh Weaving Workshop...

I had a great time yesterday attending a different kind of workshop,
This is a workshop I did yesterday with my guild quilting friends and our teacher Kathy...
It's called Japanese mesh weaving...would you believe that not a stitch has been stitched to create this gorgeous piece, as the name implies it's all woven.
The girls all had different colours of fabric to suit their colour taste, and you would be amazed to see how beautiful and different all the blocks looked.
I used what I had in my stash, at first I wasn't too sure about my choice of fabrics, I thought they may have been to busy....but as it grew and I could see the tumbling blocks taking shape, I loved it and I'm very happy how it turned out
When you are shown and know how it's done it's not too difficult, just a little fiddley, but such good fun!
There are a few more designs that I hope to have a go at doing.
Thank you Kathy for a great workshop...


  1. Very interesting Julia, what a great techniqe... will have to try it on postcard size, with little strips. Thanks for staring....

  2. Now this is certainly interesting.. I can't for the life of me work out how it's not sewn in any way. Wouldn't it fall to pieces or fray? It really looks eye catching though and your colour choice is fantastic. Will it be a wall hanging when you finish Julia?

  3. My eyes are going beserk from trying to work out how the strips are laid down and get the angle view.

    The cubes look terrific.


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