Thursday, May 10

I've Been Tagged!!...

Oh! Dear, I've been tagged by both Sandie and Pam...
Now what to tell you,

1. I love chocolate, I can eat it till it comes out my fact, one year Dh thought he would buy me a 5Kg bag of chocolates just to see if I would get sick of eating them..well, I did at the time but it didn't stop once I got over the chocolate overload..

2. I believe in Karma and that, " What goes around comes around" and so therefore I try to live my life treating people as I would want to be treated myself..

3. There are times when I wish my Mum had taught me to say 'No', sometimes I take on more than I should...but I'm learning not to be such a people pleaser anymore..

4. I'm a fairly quiet person, that's what other people tell me anyway, that could be because I was an only child and had to amuse myself....but I'm not really when you get to know me, I do enjoy good company and a good joke..
I remember playing by myself with my mum's buttons and pretended they where 'money' for the 'shop ' I set up on the verandah. I'd take out a few tins of food and biscuits and pretend to be the shop keeper..

5. When I was about 11 yrs old, I fell off my bike and hurt me knee, well, what started and looked like a small cut ended up being quite serious. I developed water on the knee and with complications, I spent nearly a year in hospital and rehab.
While there in rehab I remember seeing for the first time an old singer treadle sewing machine, that was being used for minor repairs on linen.
One of the physio's thought it might be a good idea for me to treadle the machine for excerise on my knee, and have loved the old singers ever since..

6. I'm a real worry wart...I worry about everything.
The kids are all grown up with kids of their own now, but I still worry about them and now I have the grand kids to worry about too..

7. I hate it when I'm driving along and I come across an accident, I feel sick at the thought of those poor people who may have been seriously hurt..

I can't think of anyone else to tag as everyone has already been tagged, so I'll leave it as it is..

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