Sunday, May 6

Family Quilt...this block is finished..

I am now calling this block officially finished...
I really want to move onto the next block now, so this block is finished.
I can always add a bit more later on when the blocks are put together, but as I said before I don't want to over embellish the blocks.
I just added a couple of interlocking SRE hearts at the top right corner, a smaller SRE heart under the photo, and I embroidered in the month and year of our wedding in the bottom left corner.
I am much happier with this block now... some blocks just go together very easily, but I struggled with this block.
I think because it's our wedding block, I tried too hard to make it special, but that big vintage lace motif just wasn't going to do it for this block...


  1. The flowers around the photo are beautiful. The fan fits much more nicely than the lace and cameo.

  2. It is lovely. Your SRE is wonderful.

  3. oh what a wonderful heirloom you are creating. I found your blog via rags to riches and the cottage charm giveaway - I have just signed up.
    This is a truly beautiful quilt you are making.

  4. The block is beautiful, Julia!

  5. I love that you use black so often in your work. A lot is said about black receding and causing a hole in the work. You use it so well. Annette

  6. Oh My, this fan is so much more elegant with the wedding photo! Beautiful!!!

    Rose Anne B

  7. I have to agree with Gerry, your spray of roses and the way you have trailed them around the photo is beautiful...and the lace fan is just right...
    hugz - Faye


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