Saturday, May 5

Family Quilt...that motif had to go!

That motif just had to go...
As beautiful as that vintage lace motif is, it just was not working on this block and I had to take it off.
I have never struggled so much on a block as I have with this one...I don't know why!
I should have realized that, that block would have over powered the whole block and taken away from the photo which is supposed to be the main feature of the block.
Even with the block being a big ten inches in finished size, it still looked too over powering.
I think it's more in proportion now with the smaller lace fan motif, that I have beaded and worked some Fargo roses on it.
I added the pretty lilac tatted lace seam treatment and embellished the vintage old gold braid with ribbon and thread work buds.
I'll just do a little more work on this, perhaps add a little heart and then move on to the next one
Thank you girls for your comments on this, it is very much appreciated...


  1. That's much better.

  2. Julia this looks delightful with the fan. I did however love the antique motif as well, but as you said it did over-rule the block. That piece of lace would be beautiful in a framed piece on it's own - it's just gorgeous! I'm enjoying watching your blocks come together .....

  3. The fan is lovely too. Looks much better now.


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