Saturday, May 12

Family Quilt...progress

I have been working on my family quilt again...
There's still a bit more embellishing to do on this block, but here's what I have done so far.
I have added this very delicate old piece of Maltese lace given to me by my dear friend Vivienne. It is so fragile, Viv said it must be well over 50 years old...thank you Viv.
I had to cut out the best piece and stitch it on with lots and lots of tiny stitches, I just hope it holds up ok on this block.
I have worked in spider web roses above the lace in Bucilla Purple haze 7mm ribbon, I love this purple variegated colour ribbon and then I worked in sprigs of feather stitch with french knots to represent 'babies breath'.
The lace piece at the top left, is part of an an old lace collar off a child's dress, I worked in Fargo roses and buds along the edge.
If you would like to read a bit more about the Maltese lace, here is a link to go to...scroll right down to the last piece and that is what this piece of lace was like...


  1. Another lovely block in the making Julia. The lace collar and Maltese lace is just beautiful - I enlarged this photo in another window to see the detail more closely and I just love your nice neat stitches, especially the feather stitch, so neat and even!

  2. Oh MY this looks so elegant and the lace just belongs with those pictures! So LOVELY! I too took it to a full frame and yearn to see it in person.

    Rose Anne B

  3. This is so elegant and I just love that lace piece! What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with everyone.


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