Tuesday, May 1

Family Quilt...progress

I'm slowly making progress on this block..
Now that I have added some colour to the block, it all seems to be coming alive, and taking a bit of the darkness away and not looking sad anymore.
I decided to add some Fargo roses and buds to the lace around my mother's picture, I like that much better, it was looking a bit bare and pale before.
I beaded the lace motif underneath my father's photo, and added a loop flower with a Swarovski crystal in the centre, next to the photo I worked in a spray of Melanie roses...so pretty, I love doing those.
Mum's name was Maria and my dad's name was Joseph, so I thought I would add their initials to the block.
I'm going to try and not over embellish the blocks, it's going to be hard as once I start embellishing, it's hard to stop...I usually want to fill in every patch and seam!.
I'm thinking that by not over embellishing, when I join the blocks together they will not all meld into looking like one big block....thus each block getting lost into the other, that's not what I want, I want each block to stand out on it's own without being separated to much from the other.
I also don't want to put sashing around the blocks as that would separate them too much, hope that makes sense.
Anyway, that part is a long way off yet...


  1. Julia, your family quilt squares are looking just perfect!

  2. How pretty it is. I love watching it evolve. I so admire your work.

  3. Hon, this is simply beautiful! I just love all your work. You are such an inspiration.

  4. I love the way it's going. Those little pink bits in the last around your mom do soften it and make it so much prettier. The flowered letters do, too. Having so much pink and green is definitely lightening things up. It's beautiful.


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