Monday, May 7

Family block.

Last night I started working on the next block...
I love this block and these photos.
Dh looks so proud and handsome here in this photo, this would have been taken just before he left Malta, I don't think he has changed much at all...and me, well I think I look kinda cute...grin!.
Sandie, gave me that delicate lace motif among other beautiful embellishing things at the gathering, I thought it would look nice here.
I have SRE Fargo roses around the lace motif and it doesn't show up too well, but I have also embroidered our initials in gold floss on either side of the lace piece.
Now to find a pretty piece of lace to dye for around my photo..
It's a beautiful sunny day outside today, rain expected later in the I'm off to do some weeding / gardening...


  1. Julia, the lace looks just gorgeous. The photo of you as a young girl is so sweet and you can so tell it is you - haven't changed much and either has Reno!

  2. I just love these types of blocks, and both you and your hubby are just precious!

  3. How sweet! This will be so lovely.

  4. Julia, This going to be so nice...
    love that piece of lace on this block too...
    cheers - Faye


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