Tuesday, May 15

Family Quilt...another block done..

A quick post before I dash out to my guild Patchwork meeting...gosh, the week goes by so quickly!...
I worked on this block yesterday, and I think I'll leave it like this for now.
When I stitch the blocks together, I'll see if it needs more done on it.
I intend to do decorative thread seam treatments when the blocks are joined together, and that will make the blocks look more embellished..
I have noticed that most of the old antique CQ quilts don't have a lot of embellishing on them.
Pam, has just been lucky to pick up a beautiful antique CQ quilt that dates back to 1888, pop over and have a look, you will see that there's not too much embellishing on that quilt.

Whether to very heavily embellish or not is a personal choice...last year I entered my Victorian Fan Quilt in a show to be judged and it was marked down because they said it was too busy..
The comment was..."It would have benefited from some quiet spaces"...so there you go!.
Must dash!....


  1. I think your Victorian Fan Quilt is lovely!
    You are so right, it is a completely individual matter of taste.

  2. This is really looking beautiful hon! You have done quite a bit on it since my last visit. Will be looking forward to updates.

  3. Your fan quilt is stunning Julia - I really wonder if the judges knew anything about crazy quilting. Love the way you incorporate 'everything' into a block, just gorgeous. Your family block is so pretty.

  4. Quiet spaces? Isn't that the look you'd you'd seek with a traditional quilt? A crazy quilt is, well, supposed to be crazy! And yours is a definate winner in my book... absolutely amazing!

    Those judges would really have a field day with my crazy quilt throw. It is being created as one large 50"x60" piece --- no blocks and very "untraditional", LOL!


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