Friday, May 4

Family Quilt....a little more progress.

I haven't had much time to spend on my family quilt lately, but I did manage to get this bit done last night.
I worked in the Melanie roses at the top of our wedding photo, then continued around the photo with a feather stitch, I just need to add some more buds to the feather stitch.
I thought a little cupid would look cute and very appropriate for this block.
I'm having second thoughts about the big vintage lace motif, it seems to over power the block a bit and may have to take it off...just not sure!

I wonder if I put in a beaded cameo in the centre and perhaps some beads and SRE, if that would tone it down a bit..
I scanned this picture with a beaded cameo pinned on the lace motif to see if that would suit and look nice...
Will have to think about that!.
Off to do some more on it...


  1. Sorry but that motif is way too big my eye is instantly drawn to it.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful. I think the cameo helps make the lace motif not be so overbearing to the photo. What size are you making these blocks?

  3. Thanks girls for your input,
    My Dh did try to tell me that, but!..
    I'm really struggling with this motif on here so it's coming off!

  4. Is there a block with a smaller picture where this beauty could take center stage?

  5. Ohhhhh Julia, I LOVE that lace motif but it does detract from the wedding picture and the SRE too. It is better with the cameo but then you loose the beautiful centre decoration. I'd use it more on a naked type block and just embellish it with seed beads or French knots but wouldn't cover it up. It is so lovely.

    Now I just LOVE the colours in this quilt and your SRE are exquisite! Keep going and one day it'll be finished!

    On a note I'd just wish people would at least type in their name if they don't have an account to login.

    Rose Anne

  6. Hi Julia, I love the roses you have done around your wedding pic. I do think the lace motif will be better somewhere else, where the beauty of it can shine alone.
    This is the fun of creating- you can always change your mind!


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