Saturday, April 14

More Gathering Blocks...

Here are the rest of the gathering blocks that I brought home with me..
Some girls were not able to go to the gathering, so their blocks are still on the way by snail mail.
Enjoy these lovely blocks are able to click on the picture to make it bigger..
Thank you girls, the blocks are gorgeous...and I love them all!..

From Maureen B
From Norma
From Catherine
From Sandie


  1. Wow! what a beautiful assortment of blocks you have gathered! What fun you all must have had. Do you have a plan for what you will do with them?

  2. Julia, those blocks are sóóó lovely. That will be a beautiful quilt with very nice memories....

  3. Bdw, i have sewn two hussifs but I can't put them on my blog, because they are presents for women who read my blog.... When I publish them I shall make a link to your blog and give you a message. for now, thanks for the pattern.

  4. Beautiful blocks! All of them.


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