Thursday, April 19

I've Been Tagged...

I have been tagged by Ati and now I have to choose 5 new persons who have nice blogs and make me think...
This link will explain it all..
1. I would like to first tag Meggie.. she writes about her life past and present, Meggie writes so well about her life, I think she should write a book, reading her blog really makes me think to look back at my life and all that has happened good and bad...

2. I also tag Catherine , who I finally got to meet at our Easter gathering, Cath is a breath of fresh air, and a delightful happy person, who has an infectious laugh and was fondly nicknamed "the rowdy one"...she makes me laugh and think that I need to be "a little less serious " and I think I did just that at the gathering..

3. My dear friend Vivienne is a full time working gal, we travelled together to the gathering, and I'd like to tag Viv for her inspiring me to learn to shuttle tat and assuring me that I could do it!

4. Mary, who lives on beautiful Norfolk Island, Mary's blog is full of interesting writings about her life on the island...her husband is a descendant of the Bounty mutineers...every time I read Mary's blog, it makes me think I would love to go there one day.

5. Last but not least I tag Linda in Texas whose work is very inspiring and I know she loves embroidered baskets, just like I do, and just as Linda signs off....Gotta sew!...

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  1. oh, what a surprise I got to see myself nominated. I will have to read the 'rules'. Thank you, I am honoured.
    I have just been catching up on a few blogs. My computer has been doing mysterious things, so I hadnt been on here do much.
    I love Vivienne's block, beautiful.
    Also love your black pouch, & the bracelet. You are so talented!


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