Saturday, April 28

Family Quilt...block # 4...

Well, Dh and I have meet and married...
This is one of our wedding photos, it's the one I embellished to frame .
I thought I would scan it with the embellishing on it, as it would look nice on this block with the ribbon roses framing us, then I'll just do a seam treatment around the photo.
This lace motif is a very old vintage piece that was sent to me by a cq friend in the states.
I was saving it for something special and I think it looks very special here on this block.
I was a little worried that the blocks were ending up looking very dark, but they are not that dark in real life, so I thought I would add some tea dyed lace pieces to soften and lighten up the blocks.
Once I start to do some ribbon and thread work, that should also bring the blocks to life...

My dear granddaughter is at this time travelling around the world, I think she is in Mexico at the moment, but she is going to Malta soon to see where we were born...I have asked her to take photos of the houses where Dh and I used to live, so I'm hoping she does that for me...


  1. That is a gorgeous piece of lace, just perfect for a wedding block. I look forward to seeing it with the SRE.

  2. Oooooooooh, just scrumptuous!!!!!!


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