Friday, April 27

Family Quilt....Block # 3

This family quilt block is Dh and myself before we came out to Australia...
Would you believe that we both lived in the same street when we were little and did not know each other until we met here in Australia as young adults... it's true!
DH lived in house #25 and I was born and lived in house #2 in the same street.
Our mothers knew each other, but as my family went to England when I was three, then out here to Australia, our paths did not cross until we were young adults...I honestly think that was fate and we were meant to be together...


  1. This is a touching story! There can't be an other reason that life went how it went!
    I keep folowing you and your family quilt. I have made one, 10 years ago from all old family clothes also with a few photos.
    Crazy sewn but very little embellished, I didn't now anything about that in 1997. It messures 2.5x2.5 mtr.One day i will publish it on my blog with the story.

  2. Ati,
    I would love to see your family quilt.
    These quilts are to be treasured.

  3. I am loving your family quilt story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    There were so many sad stories from those war years.
    How wonderful to make a quilt using all the old photos. I have so many old ones I could use, but I dont know how to get them onto fabric?

  4. No such thing as fate .... it was all part of God's plan for you two! What a wonderfully special story! Huggies


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