Wednesday, April 25

Family Album Quilt...first block

I finally got around to working on my family album quilt.
I am making this quilt for my children and their children to have and look back at in the future
I have started the first block with photos of my Dear father in law, a wonderful man who unfortunately I never got to meet...My Dh adored him.
Then there is a picture of my Dh as a young boy with his mother....
This picture is a little sad as it was the day Dh was being sent out to Australia as a child migrant.
To this day, we don't know why out of 10 children in his family he was the only one sent out, on his own and not knowing a word of English.
Looking on the bright side, if he had not been sent out here..we would not have met, had our three children which have given us our beautiful five grandchildren..


  1. This will be so lovely Julia, the photo of Reno and his Mother is nice. My FIL came out to Australia much along the same lines as Reno, and also was the only one .... he also doesn't have answers either, why. Looking forwards to seeing your quilt progress...

  2. Opps, forgot to mention - I see some chicken scratch fabric in the quilt! lol

  3. Beautiful sad story about your husband. But, you have a beautiful family album quilt.

  4. God works in mysterious ways!!!!!!!!!


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