Thursday, April 26

Family Album Quilt....# 2 block

While I was in the mood yesterday, I put together another family quilt block..
Yesterday was Anzac day, Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army is the day we pay tribute to our fallen soldiers. To remember the brave men who fought for us so we could be free and safe...
I always feel a little sad on Anzac day, so I thought it was a good day for some quiet time in my sewing room, a time for me to start on my family quilt and a good time to reflect and remember our parents..

This block has photos of my Mum and Dad, unfortunately I don't have a photo of their wedding day, they were married during World War Two, so I guess it was not that easy to have wedding photos taken then.
They were married in Malta, where I was born...Malta played a big part during the second world war and was very heavily bombed during the war, you can read about it's history here.
I think I will make another block before I start to embellish them, that will give me a bit more time to think about the embellishing..

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