Thursday, April 12

Back Home...

Well, the time at the gathering went by so quickly...too quickly!
After a wonderful week with the girls at Sandies place, it's all over....but I have so many wonderful memories.
Chris and Sandie made us so welcome.
We laughed so much my tummy hurt, and now every time I have a few moments to myself, I catch myself smiling and remembering the fun we had.
Here is a picture of the girls..sorry it's a bit blurred!
From left to right: Maureen B, Me, Sandie, Catherine, Brenda and Vivienne.
At the moment, I'm busy catching up at know, washing, puting stuff away.
There are heaps of photos on my flickr site as well as on Sandie's and Vivienne's...I think Sandie took something like 400 pics!
As soon as I get some time I'll post pics of the gathering blocks that I brought home with me.
Must go and do some more work..


  1. Looks like a fun time for all! Lovely. Look forward to seeing your blocks.

  2. I have looked at the photos on the Flickr sites and it seems to me that you all have had a wonderfull time at Sandie's!

  3. Oh it was so good meeting you Julia in the flesh!


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