Sunday, April 22

Auditioning Fabrics for Family Quilt..

I really want to start on my family album quilt, but something else always seems to crop up or something else needs finishing.
Well, I have managed to print out some old photos onto silk fabric and had a look at some fabrics that I might use.
I really want to do it in the Victorian style, Victorian colours with mainly seam treatments not too much embellishing....but I'll see as I go, and see what the quilt 'says' to me.
I do believe Cq talks to you and you get a feel when the balance is right and when enough is enough.
Hopefully, I'll get to make a start on it in a day or so..


  1. It's a great Idea. I have not found yet in France this kind of material you can print on...but I know it exists !

  2. I love the photos you have printed out. This will be such a wonderful project. I'm doing one of mothers and/or grandmothers of a lot of my CQ friends. I am collecting the photos to print, and will start it in the fall.


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