Sunday, March 11

UFO or WIP......nearly finished

Nearly finished another UFO (unfinished object) or WIP (work in progress)...I think WIP sounds better!

This is how I left it about a year or so ago..
I picked it up last night and had all this done in no time.
I've fallen in love with the Melanie Silk Ribbon Rose...
It's become my favourite rose to do, it's still not perfect, but as I always tell my students when they stress about doing every rose perfect and the same, "no two flowers are the same, and not all flowers are perfect"
This piece started off being a purse, but now I'm not sure anymore, it would also look nice framed...


  1. Beautiful, as usual.
    Yes, I would love it framed, as then, you could enjoy it every day.

  2. Oh I didn't know those weren't perfect I was actually studying them because I like the look of them. I've already learned the Melanie rose but yours looks like another version with more ribbon stitch petals. What size ribbon did you use? I've only done it in 4mm ribbon. I too LOVE using the Melanie rose it is easy once you get used to it huh!

  3. And I love the look of your roses Melissa..
    I use 4mm ribbon too, I was wondering if you do a fargo rose first and then the twisted stem stitch petals?
    I need more practice...

  4. No I follow her directions and that's it! LOL Hmmmm from looking at yours I think you space the stitches for the tip farther apart than I do and I think you cover over the straight stitches when I put my middle ribbon stitch's tip piercing the middle straight stitch. Unless you only use ribbon stitches and are not doing the straight stitches for the first 3 stitches? I like the look of yours too...let me know how your fargo rose twisted stem stitch experiment works. I've added chain stitching around spiderweb roses before that makes them look even more full.

  5. This is a beautiful piece. I'm glad you are finishing it. The flowers are just the perfect compliment to the work already done.

  6. This is soooo beautiful! You've really finished it off nicely from where you left off before. I really like the idea of embellishing all around something like this to really accentuate it.


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