Wednesday, March 14

Two New Bags...

I have just finished making two more I don't know which one I like the best...
This first one is made up in a lovely floral fabric that I have machine quilted before piecing the squares.
The squares are then outlined in an olive green Robyn Pandolph fabric, I can't quite remember the name of the fabric.
The squares are all hand pieced together.
I had these handles that I bought in Melbourne over Christmas, and don't they look just great on this bag..

This second bag, really it's the made up again in the Japanese fabrics left from my quilt.
This time I took the easy way out and just cut up squares and stitched them together on the sewing machine, but then when it came to line the bag...that was not so easy.
I lined it in black cotton fabric, and after much fiddling around, this is the end result.
Dh suggested putting the buttons on the handles, and I think they suit this bag very nicely..

I had a few comments on flickr saying the first bag I put on flickr looked a bit like a sleevless / halter top...I thought that was funny, but really, it does look like that a bit...have a second look at it.
Now, there's a thought for a new top....What do you think!


  1. I laughed at this, because when GOM came into the room, he asked if it was a 'bra'!
    Just the top view of the bag!haha.

    I like #2, & #1, but #3is not so appealing to me.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Do you get to eat at your son's restaurant a lot - mine always seems to be eating at my 'cafe'!

  3. Jackie,
    The only time I get to see my son is when we eat at his restaurant...he is so busy, which is good.
    Thank you.


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