Thursday, March 8

My Needlework Sampler...

SharonB has just written about old needlework samplers and has put up some great links to samplers worked by girls as young as 9.

This is one of two samplers I finished back in 1996.
While mine is not as old as the ones Sharon has written about, nor was it done on fine linen like it was done in those days, but it was done in a time that had great meaning for me.
My Dh had just had very serious back surgery done then, and while he recovered from the surgery and for many months after while he recuperated, I sat by his bed and stitched this and another sampler.
Looking back now, I see myself as I sat there stitching and watching over my Dh who went through a very bad time with the surgery.
I remember wanting to stitch in things that had meaning to our our home, the Pine tree out the front, the flowers in the garden, little hearts to represent our love for one another, and of course the alphabet and numbers that are always on samplers.
So it makes me wonder, what were those little girls thinking when they sat and stitched, and did their sampler have such great meaning to them as mine did for me...


  1. Beautiful sampler, thanks for telling the background. I've never done one. I'm imagining the little girls were anxious to please someone with their stitching, or dying to go outside to play. =)

  2. I often think of those poor little girls. I so think some of them enjoyed their work, but I know an elderly Aunt of mine said she found having to do needlework so painful, she never touched it once she had a choice. How sad.
    It must be like sport- you either have it- or you dont!
    Loved your rose.

  3. Meggie.
    Sad your Aunt found needlework to be so painful, and gave up on it.
    I would be lost without my needle work, helps keep me sane and what else would I have to do in my retirement!
    Thank you for the comment on my rose.

  4. This is a beautiful piece of work, and your memories are so meaningful. Be sure to tell the story to your kids so they'll know how precious it really is.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful place you create and for share your work with us. It's a pleasure to come here and learn. From the other side of the world, with admiration, Sma

  6. Oh Julia, that is a wonderful story; what a piece of family history you have created there.


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