Wednesday, March 7

Melanie Rose..SRE

It was sooooo hot yesterday...42 degrees Celsius!
I went to my weekly patchwork group in the morning, I was going to stay home knowing how hot it was going to be, but we needed to start on the quilt we are making for the Cancer Big Morning Tea coming up in May.
Every year we make a quilt to raffle, we put on a scrumptious morning tea and ladies from other quilting groups come and join us to help raise funds for breast cancer.
Well, we made a start on the quilt, I took my little Elna Lotus sewing machine...great little machine, and stitched together some blocks....when we get the quilt all together I'll take some photos.
By lunch time we had all had enough, the temperature was rising... and as there was no air con in the room we were using, we were all ready to go home.
After a quick lunch at home, I sat myself down under our air con and finished off a couple of UFO's...sorry can't show you just yet , as they are birthday gifts.
Then I played around with my silk ribbons, thought I would try out making the Melanie Rose, by Marie Alton.
I have been wanting to do this rose for ages, at first I thought it looked quite difficult to do, but really it's not.
This one is not perfect and the scanner has squashed it a bit, but with a little more practice, I'm sure it will look a lot better.
Another hot day today coming up...

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