Tuesday, March 6

Gathering Blocks...Two More

Here are two more of the gathering blocks...
The Easter gathering is creeping up on us real fast...Calidore tells us it's just 23 days to go!
Now, I bet some of the girls will be in mad panic to have the blocks finished in time, and get things together for the little classes we are having.
We are going to share our little bit of expertise and knowledge in whatever anyone wants to learn, one of us is sure to know how to do something that might be asked.

Here are a few pieces of my needle tatting..
I'm going to show one of the girls how to needle tat, so I have been practicing needle tatting.
I have done it before, but not for a while , so a bit of practice was in order to refresh my memory.
In turn, I am going to have lessons in shuttle tatting...now that I just cannot master!
I will also do a little lesson in BDE using the EdMar threads.
All in all, the gathering promises to be so much fun...I wonder just how much we will get done as far as stitching goes...well! you know what's it's like when a bunch of us girls get together...
The guys are going to have to look after themselves for some of the time...


  1. These blocks look very Victorian to me - the darker colors with girls - just lovely! Your tatting looks exceptional as well. Great job - I'm sure your students will be delighted!

  2. Beatuiful as usual. I wish I could tat, it looks so dainty.


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