Saturday, March 17

Charity Quilt...

Yesterday I started making a charity quilt...
This quilt will go to the oncology ward of Princess Margaret Hospital for children.
Hopefully this little lap quilt will put a smile on a little sick child's face, and give a child a few hours of fun exploring the quilt.
The p/work guild that I belong to, collect quilts of all sizes and give them to needy and sick children.
I have so much in my quilting fabric stash, I thought it was time to try and use what I have, and not buy some pennies, so to speak!
So I pulled out my I spy fabrics left over from my grand daughter's quilts and put this quilt together.
I just made it up as I went, I cut up 2 1/2, 4 1/2, and 6 1/2 inch strips and squares and randomly stitched them together.
The sashing fabric is what's left over from the backing of the Japanese quilt, and the outside border fabric is curtain fabric.
The quilt is still all pinned in the middle, I have just stitched in the ditch of the outside sashing and stippled the borders.
It was really nice working on this charity quilt...made me feel good, that I was doing something nice for someone... I'll finish it off tomorrow.
Speaking of charity work...take a look at my chef son Joe and what he had to say, he has had his head shaven clean to raise money for the leukaemia foundation...


  1. What a bright and colorful quilt. Very nice - the kids are sure to enjoy it!

  2. Hey Julia,
    The world is filled with impassioned artists and your one of them with a really big heart.I'm sure the quilt will put some smiles on the little ones faces. Love all your work. I was surfing the web to look for instructions on organza roses. I want to embellish a silk shade I have. A few weeks back I visited a lovely shop and fell in love with the lamps there but I'm afraid $200-300 is way too much for me so since I had the shade I decided to try altering mine. The ones at the shop were trimmed on all the seams, roses, pansies, violets and posies of silk, organza and velvet on each panel and drop crystals on the brims…I was smitten.
    I found trim on sale for half price but still it’s going to cost me a pretty penny just for one shade. Just not sure if I should use fabric glue or sew the embellishments on but I’m a terrible seamstress so glue it is…lol.
    p.s. Oh My! I checked out your blog fav and noticed you have a freebie and tutorial section…and two are what I was looking for…making a lampshade and pansies. Huge thanks. Glad I found you.

    Luv Annabelle

  3. Me again, I was wondering if by chance you'll be making something similar to the "Mother and Child" you did. I adore the roses and colors you chose to embellish that piece...would love to own one.

    Luv Annabelle


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