Sunday, March 25

Cameo Hexagon Box...

Remember this little UFO that I was doing...Well it has finished up on the lid of a hexagon box.
At the time that I finished the needlework, I was not sure if it would be a purse or a framed picture.
Well, another purse I do not friends call me "the bag Lady" as it is, and most of my walls are covered, it's getting that way that the only space left is on the ceiling!
I had this wooden hex box that I tried to do a fancy crackle paint finish, but it did not quite turn out as good as I had hoped .
So covering the lid like this works really well, all that shows now is the sides....and I must admit it does look really nice.
So that is this UFO officially finished..


  1. Julia, another gorgeous piece from your hands! Yes, I know the feeling of only have ceiling space left. That's why I make purses too!

    I love your work!

  2. Perfect solution for a gorgeous piece of work!

  3. Beautiful! I like that - looks like it was made for it specifically.


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