Saturday, March 24

Bouquet of Roses....

This is a little embroidery I did last night..

This little bouquet of roses is done on black Velvet...looking at it here, I'm thinking the bow might be a bit big.
Yes, you guessed's the Melanie roses again!
Not sure yet what I will do with it, I think I might keep it for a family cq quilt I'm planning.
I plan on doing a family CQ quilt with Dh's and my parents, us, our three children and five grand children, sort of a family tree quilt.
Something on the lines of the old vintage Cq quilts, the beautiful fabrics and rich colours.
I'm thinking that I will not over embellish the quilt, as I normally would, so that the embellishing does not take away from the photos, but that could change...will have to wait and see how the mood takes me and how it develops at the time.
But, I think I will wait until we get back from our gathering at Easter before I make a start on it.
It's just 10 days now till we fly off to the gathering!....


  1. Julia, your SRE is the most beautiful I've ever seen!

  2. This is a beautiful motif. Your family quilt sounds like a lovely idea. Motifs like this one scattered about would certinly be eye catching!!

  3. What a lovely idea for a family quilt. I love the roses, & the bow seems ok to me.

  4. Julia, it's gorgeous, and I don't think the bow is too big at all! Your family quilt idea sounds great. I look forward to watching it develop.

  5. OMGG Julia this is just one awesome bouquet of roses!!! I just love the lacey bow too.

    Sandie mentioned you did a demo at the gathering and had some type of carrying case for the threads. Do you mind sharing as mine are getting unruly. Thank you.

    Rose Anne B


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