Saturday, March 31

Armchair Sewing Caddy....

I was asked to make up a couple of sewing caddies through my etsy shop, but I have not heard back from the lady.
So I guess she has changed her mind about wanting them.
They are a really great idea, they hang over the arm of your chair, and have six pockets for all you sewing needs right there beside you.
The pocket with the sew machine is quite big and holds your sewing project.

While on the other side there are five pockets for your threads, scissors, and whatever else you might need.
On top, is a pincushion and two ribbon loops to hold your spools of thread.
The applique is done on the machine
The caddy is backed with the same fabric as you see on the pincushion.
You can see the other caddy and the measurements of the caddy on my etsy shop listed on my sidebar...


  1. This is a wonderful sewing tidy and I like the large pocket for projects.

    The applique machine is great. Well so are the other appliques, but the machine is my favourite.

  2. Lovely caddy. I made several of these for myself & friends. So handy.
    I love that leather bag too!

  3. That's a great sewing caddy! It's roomier than most I've seen, with the project pocket. Hope you find other buyers quickly. That was really kind of rude of her. Of course, you never know what happens to people. She may have forgotten who she asked to do it!


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