Wednesday, February 21

More Gathering Blocks...

As I am still madly hand quilting my Japanese quilt, I thought I would show you two more of my Gathering blocks...
I wrote the other day about the gathering, and there is a link there to the place we are going.
I seem to have done a lot of purple blocks, but they do look nice, I seem to be liking purple more and more.
The one on the left, has a crossed stitched iris in the centre that I did some time ago and had been tucked away in a drawer for was a little kit that caught my eye and cost next to nothing in a clearance box.
Back to my Japanese Quilt...


  1. Your blocks do purple quite a lot of justice. Lovely work!

  2. This iris is very beautiful inside your block. Very nice job!

  3. Your work is beautiful! It's a good thing they aren't really in front of me. I would be drooling all over them!

  4. I love that Iris.
    Where do you get the lovely photographs you use in some of the centres? They are so pretty & 'old' looking.
    The longer I live the more I learn I dont know! (if that makes sense!)


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