Thursday, February 8

Japanese Quilt....Two more to go!

Here are two more blocks for my Japanese quilt..
I must admit that the closer I got to the last few blocks, the harder it was to come up with something new/ different.
I must also admit that, for the last few blocks, I was looking for easy ones to do.
I'm at the stage now that I just want to get on with putting it together.
This first block was very easy, just fussy cut the centre hexagon, to make the most of the lady print and added the other hexagons around her.

I agonized what to do for this block, first it was going to be a dragon...too fiddly, then it was going to be butterflies, but I could not needle turn them nicely to my satisfaction, so it ended up being a Japanese lantern....How easy was this one!
The lantern just needs a hanging cord embroidered on it now to finish off the block.
As always, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.
Hideko, I'm trying to hurry, if all goes well, I should have it together next week.
Just one more block to do...


  1. The lantern is perfect for this quilt, and I love the way the hexagon piece turned out. One more block!

  2. oh Julia
    I adore the Japanes Parasols and the last block- they have all come up so beautifuthis is going to be some beautiful quilt!- I love sseeing your Japanese friend as well- Tomi uyou sure do not look 83 years young!! I a going to go and have a look at spome of her quilting as well.! - Please let us know when you put up the finished quilt darling Its beautiful!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxox


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