Wednesday, February 14

Japanese together

At last the Japanese quilt top is put together...
I am so happy how this quilt top went together, it just seemed to fall into place!
I have bought some nice fabric for the border, it's a fairly plain fabric , so as not to distract from the quilt.
So, I'll be off for a couple of days while I get that done, and baste the quilt top, batting and backing together ready for the hand quilting....
Back soon..


  1. Your quilt is stunning! Imagine what it will look like quilted. Are you planning to use various colors of quilting thread or just one color. I am amazed at how fast you have put the blocks together.

  2. I am very glad to see your wonderful quilt top. The finished quilt must be a special eyecatching one among other works.

  3. That really looks wonderful! Very balanced and beautiful. Are you going to sashiko quilt it? I might have asked that before, but it didn't stick.

  4. It is as beautiful as I thought it would be. You have done an amazing job!

  5. What a beautiful piece this is. I really love the lighter background on the kimono block. Fantastic!

  6. Wow, awesome, I am speechless, so nice!!
    The balance in the quilt is perfect.

  7. It is truly a work of art. Just beautiful.

  8. Looks GREAT! Do you know what the characters mean? I know Chinese and most of the time, the Japanese use the same character for the same or very similar meaning. The top one is to do with friends, friendship and association with the bottom one meaning 'forever' and 'always'. In Chinese you would have them the other way around, but I don't know about Japanese.=)

    Elisabeth, UK=)


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