Wednesday, February 7

Japanese Quilt...Parasol Blocks finished

Last night I finished working on the two parasol blocks...
So that's two more blocks done and closer to the quilt top being ready to put together.
I'm a little worried that I will run out of time, I really want to hand quilt the Japanese quilt and that will take lots of time.
So I won't spend too much time here today on the computer, and after a quick clean up around the house get into stitching..

These look really great with all the other blocks...Thank you Shari for suggesting parasols.
I can't wait to get cracking on putting the quilt together and doing the hand quilting.
I have a few ideas on what hand quilting I want to do, and the good old press and seal will come in handy for that
If you have not heard of the press and seal and how it works, there is a free tutorial about it on my sidebar..feel free to check it out...


  1. I love these two blocks. Great addition to the quilt. I can't believe you're almost finished! Are you doing sashiko quilting?

  2. The parasols looks great. I am very curious how everything looks together in a while. The new fan is also very nice.

  3. Oh so charming! I love the parasols. It's all very amazing.

    You go girl!

  4. I love all your blocks. I hope you can finish everything in time!! Hurry!


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