Sunday, February 4

Japanese blocks

My Japanese quilt is slowly coming are another two blocks.
I must admit now, that it's getting harder to come up with different block ideas for the quilt.
The one above is a different type of fan to the two I have already made,.
I have been doing a little research as I make my Japanese quilt and found out that the folding fan was invented in Japan in the 8th century.
They were made by tying thin stripes of hinoki (or Japanese cypress) together with thread. The number of strips of wood differed according to the person's rank.
They are used today by Shinto priests in formal costume and in the formal costume of the Japanese court.

This link here will take you to the free Wikipedia Encyclpedia will lots of great information about fans in Japan and all other different fans and their countries of origin
I found it to be fascinating reading, but when I was making my fan blocks, I was thinking more of the beautiful geisha ladies when they gracefully dance with their fans.

This block is going at the side of the kimono block.
Hexagons are thought of in Japan, as divisions of the sea tortoise shell, and really when you have a good look at the shell and the hexagons, they do look the same.
Now, what to do next...


  1. I didn't know a folding fan is originated from old Japan. Thank you very much for the information.
    March 3 is the dolls festival day for girls in Japan. We arrange hina-dolls then. Those hina-dolls are always in traditional court style from 8th century. Those dolls might interest you. You will find a princess doll is holding a folding fan.

  2. I love all the new blocks. I've been offline for a few days, while we moved, but I'm trying to catch up a bit. What fun to come to your blog and find the wonderful new blocks you've made!

    Paper cranes? Or something else with origami?

  3. Hideko,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I am learning so much about your culture as I make my Japanese quilt.
    As I am not very knowledgeable about your culture, I look forward to your comments,

  4. Susan.
    I thought about origami cranes, I'll have to work out a way of doing them.
    Thank you for your comment

  5. This is so lovely. It is great that you have researched for the blocks, & I think it has paid off!
    Yes, Hideko has some interesting contributions!

  6. Hello Julia
    I adore Japan and all things Japanese and your beautiful quilt is magnificent- I can see it taking away all the prizes in the competition you are entering into- I particularly adore the kimona blocks but each of your beautiful fan blocks are so different and yet they all evoke a similar feeling- I loves them muchly Julia -I could do with a fan again today darling its one of those Adelaidian over the 40 degree mark in downtown Smithfield - our third in a row I think- so anything that appears cool and would do some cooling is very appreciated today- I love them I will be looking back often to see how you are going
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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