Sunday, February 11

Japanese Quilt....Last block!

At last I have finished making all the blocks for my Japanese quilt...
This beautiful piece of Japanese silk fabric, that was sent to me by one of my online Cq friends a couple of years ago was the inspiration for my last block.
I picked out the centre piece of the medallion and appliqued a similar medallion design to the block using a 1/4 inch bias that I made out of the lightest fabric on the quilt.
I am not sure what this medallion represents, if anyone knows could you please leave me a comment, a search it not come up with anything to this particular medallion.
Well, I'm going to have to leave you all in suspense for a while as to what the quilt will look like, while I arrange and put all the quilt blocks together.
Then I need to purchase some fabric for the border, hopefully that won't be too hard.
Except for the vintage Obi, I only bought fat quarters and small pieces of fabric for the quilt, so I don't have enough of any one of the fabrics for the border..


  1. The pieces that you have put together for this quilt are just beautiful. Such a unique and creative work. The Flickr link is very nice. Thanks.

  2. Lovely last block.
    Really looking forward to seeing the whole quilt!

  3. Your last block is wonderful! Fits right in with your others. I'll bet it feels great to have gotten it so far along so quickly!

  4. Just LOVE this Julia! A sure winner.


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