Thursday, February 1

Japanese Quilt...gingko leaves

Japanese gingko leaves
Originally uploaded by Ribbonwiz.
Another block for my Japanese quilt...
Boy, this one was so fiddly to do, it looked easy enough when I started it but when I got to adding the inter twining stems it got tricky.
I just need to add some veins to the leaves, but I'll add them later on with the hand quilting.
Must go and do another one now...lets hope that one will be easier now that I know what I'm doing...


  1. Hi Julia, I am so impressed your Japanese quilt blocks have been developped very quickly. Every blocks are beautiful. Are there gingko trees in Australia? I heard they are growing in only Japan. Hideko

  2. Hi Julia, I have been watching this project grow and it is absolutely stunning. I have two elderly Japanese ladies that I visit once a month and I wish I could take my computer and show them your work! They would love it, I know. I guess I could print a couple of pages of your blog and show them but it wouldn't look the same. Good luck with the Quilt Show - you are sure to win a prize with this!

  3. We do have Gingko trees growing here I think? I know they grow in NZ, have seen them in the Botanic Gardens in Christchurch, Sth Island New Zealand.
    This whole quilt is just so special!


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