Friday, February 16

Japanese Quilt...borders and basting done.

I don't really have very much to show you now that the quilt is together ...
The borders and the basting has been done and now I am doing the hand quilting.
I am hand quilting around each applique, and also just inside each applique, around all the fan blades and a 1/4 inch inside each of the blocks to frame each one.
I don't think at this stage that I will do any sashiko, I think the stark white thread of sashiko may be too stark.
On the bottom centre fan, I hand quilted circles across it, as cirlces play a big role in Japan.
Click on the picture and it should come up bigger..see if you can see the stitching up closer.
I don't know what to do on the lady CQ blocks, I don't really want to embellish this quilt as I normally would with Cq...I just don't think it would suit it.
I think I will hand quilt some butterflies and dragonflies in the empty spaces, even maybe little fans, if there is enough room.
As for the border quilting, I have no idea yet what I will do...will have to look around and have a think about it.
My friend Tomi told me the round medallion above the kimono , stands for the family symbol and is usually on the back of the kimono.
The two Japanese characters at the side of the kimono means, 'friendship' , and 'eternity', their meaning was the reason why I chose them.
One thing I do know I must do some ironing, or we will have to nothing pressed to wear and look like we slept in our clothes....though, that seems to be the fashion here at the moment...


  1. Having lived there for five years, I love all things Japanese! I love this quilt. You did a great job!

  2. Admiration beyond mere words.

  3. That looks wonderful. I love the skinny little red breaker border. I can't see the quilting, but I'm sure it's perfectly wonderful.

  4. This is just fabulous. I'm sure your Japanese blog friends will be impressed!


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