Monday, February 5

Japanese Quilt...auditioning parasols.

Shari, one of my patchwork friends suggested doing a block with a parasol.
I thought parasols would fit in perfectly with the Japanese lady blocks, and this is what I've managed to come up with.
I'm posting this up to see what my interpretations of parasols will look like...What do you think?
The fabric on this parasol is from the vintage Obi that I bought while on holiday, I'm trying to add pieces of the obi as it is such beautiful vintage silk fabric and in memory of the holiday.
I think the parasol needs a bit more stitching at the top where the bamboo veins meet.
In my quest to learn more of the traditions of Japan, I did a google search, and tried to find out the history of the Japanese parasol, but did not come up with anything much at all.
Only that the parasol is also known as an umbrella to shield from the sun, if anyone knows more about the parasols than that, please leave me a comment...


  1. Your umbrella is very beautiful. I love the obi fabric you chose.
    I have found a very good site for you.

  2. Looks very good to me.
    I had wondered about real cranes? or a small bridge?
    It all looks so good, your choices seem perfect!


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