Sunday, February 25

Japanese Quilt Update.....still quilting!

Just a little update on my Japanese quilt...I'm still hand quilting!
It feels like I have been working on this quilt forever, but really it's only been five weeks now.
I scanned this first picture of the border, but I don't think you can see the hand quilting on it very well, try clicking on the pic and see if it shows up bigger and better.
I'm quilting a scallop/ ocean wave design around the border in a red quilting thread so that it stands out a is one of the most common designs seen on Japanese fabrics, I have it in the quilt on red fabric.

Here is the fan block, this one shows up the hand quilting better.
I must admit, I'm not very good at hand quilting, but it does look and enhance some quilts better than machine quilting.
I have quilted circles on the fan, circles play a big part in the Japanese culture, in fact i have stitched quite a few circles on the quilt, not only do they look good but they are also quite easy to do.
Well, It's Sunday here today, so I think I'll have a rest from the quilt today and have a day out at the markets with DH...


  1. Over here from meggie, snooping! you do beautiful work. I also am no expert on hand quilting, but the look appeals to me much more than machine quilting, so I slog away. Love the last block of your Japanese quilt....

  2. Your hand quilting looks very neat and nice to me. It's much better than machine quilting.


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