Tuesday, February 6

Introducing Tomi.....My Japanese friend.

I'd like you to meet Tomi, my Japanese quilting friend...a dear delightful tiny lady.
Here, she is pictured with one of her quilts that she has just finished.
Tomi has been coming out to Australia for about 3-4 years now, she loves to quilt, and would you believe Tomi is 83 years old....here is Tomi's web page with some of her quilts.
Each year Tomi comes to Australia in our summer, sometimes staying just a couple of months and at one time stayed on an extended visa for a whole year, she has been here for 3 months this time already and has just had her visa extended for another 6 months.
She stays with friends and one of our Patchwork girls picks her up and brings her to our meetings and takes her to quilt fabric shops to get her fix of fabric retail therapy.
A few years ago, Tomi set out to make 80 quilts to hold an exhibition in Japan to celebrate her 80th birthday, and this she did with a few more to spare.
The exhibition was a great success and from it Tomi went on to teach quilting to the ladies in her local area...the ladies there loved her quilts.
We love her dearly and hope that she keeps coming back for many more years, Tomi is an inspiration to us all...


  1. It was so nice to meet Tomi! what a lovely looking lady, & she puts me to shame, with her industry.
    Lovely story, & a lovely friendship.

  2. Hi Tomi! You seem to enjoy your long holidays. Have a nice time!
    Thank you, Julia, for showing her photo here. I am visiting her blog regulary, but it's seldom to see her own photo there, because maybe she can't take it.


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