Sunday, February 18

Cq Fix....Blue Gathering Block.

I was feeling like I needed to do something 'pretty'....starting to get with drawl symptoms for CQ..
So yesterday, after a couple of hours working on my Japanese quilt, I have been working on it solidly now for over three maybe four weeks.
I decided to have a play on some CQ, I needed to have a break from the darker colours of the Japanese quilt
It was so nice to just sit with all the pretty colours and have a play.
This will be one of the gathering blocks for Easter at Sandie's place.
I needed to make thirteen blocks to give one to each girl that will be there, but somehow I had only made twelve...good thing I recounted the pile of blocks!
Just in case your new to my blog, this is where we are having a gathering at Easter time, you can read all about it here.
Just to name two of the girls..Calidore who is hooked on fabric dying and Crazyqstitcher will be should be so much fun..

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  1. How beautiful. I can understand you getting withdrawal symptoms for the pretty things!


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