Tuesday, January 30

Thank you...

I love this picture...this could have been me about 50 or so years ago and I must add this is still me but plus those 50 or so years on...

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the ladies who have left comments on my blog about the Japanese quilt.
I thought it would be easier to do that here in this special post, so you could all see it.
It's so nice to know that you are coming by to see what I'm doing and this in turn spurs me on to do more...
I still have a long way to go before the quilt is finished, I thought I had it all figured out, but it is getting harder as I go, having to think up new ideas for blocks...I'm trying so hard to gel it all together and not to have it looking too titsy bitsy.
I have another two blocks on the go at the moment, hopefully they will be ready for tomorrows posting.
I'm off to my weekly patchwork day today, so hopefully if I don't sit a chatter too much I will get these two blocks done...


  1. It's very nice to have something to look forward to seeing, too. I can't believe how quickly you are getting these blocks finished!

  2. I often come along and I have said it so many times now that I LOVE this quilt. All the blocks are so special. All in its own way.
    The little girl could also be me;-)


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