Monday, January 22

New Purses....Japanese velvet

While waiting for the Japanese fabrics to arrive that I ordered last week, I made up these purses out of the beautiful Japanese velvet that I bought while on holiday..
This first purse will be a clutch purse, I may add a detachable chain strap...not sure yet.
The velvet is so beautiful, very rich and luxurious, in variegated shades of dusty pinks.
I have beaded the two flower motifs and added gold floss highlights to the leaves.
I have also worked in silk ribbon Fargo roses and leaves with gold floss highlights among the roses and leaves.
This piece, I'm making into a swing purse, with a gorgeous ribbon fringe along the bottom.
I've added lots of glass bead highlights among the ribbon work, with bead flowers among the lace motifs, and a vintage pink rose button closure..

These purses are going into my Etsy shop, I have soooo many purses, I love making them, but I just can't keep them all.
I'm sure someone out there will love this one, I'm going to find it very hard to part with these.

By the way...have you noticed that I have drastically reduced the selling prices of last year items in my Etsy shop..

This little black velvet amulet is an order for someone.
Very simple and elegant.
If you click on the picture it will come up really big and show all the details..
Black always comes up beautiful, no matter what you do on it.
The black velvet has a silver embossed design on it, so I beaded the strap and tassel with silver and black beads.
These little amulets are really great, just big enough to hold a credit card, lippy and a key...


  1. Julia, I love these purses.. You are such an inspiration. Oh yes
    I have a small piece of this exact
    same velvet fabric.
    Love Janice T.

  2. Yes, I noticed. I sent the url to a friend who had loved your fan bag, but I don't know if she bought it or not.

    These two are just gorgeous pieces. I can see how it would be hard to part with them.

  3. Lovely little purses. And I appreciate the very small amount that they can hold -- lippy, a card and a key. I like your style.



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