Wednesday, January 31

Japanese Quilt...Two new blocks

All I can think about these days is getting this quilt made.
I eat, sleep and dream about this quilt...Dh thinks I'm mad!
But that's me, I won't be happy till it's done.
I have to at least get the quilt top finished by mid March, so that I can take a photo of it to summit with my entry form for the quilt show.
The quilt show is on in May of every year and run by The Western Australian Quilter's Guild... Quiltwest.
As well as the all quilts being exhibited and judged, there will be lots of craft vendors there with their stalls full of new and great stuff to buy and get inspiration from..
This craft show is thought of as the biggest annual craft show here for us, and we look forward to it every year.

I was a good girl yesterday and didn't chatter too much at patchwork, so here are the two blocks I managed to get done..
The first one is a Japanese pagoda.
I had trouble getting the small rounded ends of the roof pieces nicely shaped, but I think these look ok.
I made the roof pieces out of this spotted fabric so it wouldn't be too patterned.
Some fabrics fray so much when trying to turn under little curvey bits.

This Japanese symbol represts friendship..
Below this one will be another symbol for eternity, and they will be placed at the side of the kimono block

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  1. This just gets better every block I see!
    You are so talented!

    I know that feeling of sleeping dreaming & being haunted by a quilt!


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