Thursday, January 25

Japanese Quilt....Kimono Block

At last, I'm back working on my Japanese quilt...
Here I have posted a picture of the fabrics I'm auditioning for the kimono block.
I'm trying to bring in a different lighter brighter shade of blue, as I feel it needs a little something to lift the darker blue and brighten it up a bit....but not too bright.
I have to also add pieces of the other fabrics already used, to keep it all in perspective and working in together....I think the fabric on the kimono's back will work in nicely with the bamboo and dragonfly blocks, and at the same time add a nice feature on the kimono.
There's still another panel of fabric to go on either side of the long sleeves...not sure yet what colour to use there, I'm thinking it will have to be blue.

Please note;
This Japanese quilt is of my design, making and putting together, and there for.. with the exception of the kimono block is copyrighted to me.
The Kimono design block was designed by Stephanie Novatski and copyrighted to her, Stephanie has kindly given me permission to use the kimono block in my Japanese quilt.
Stephanie's web pages.


  1. All of your work is just beautiful
    I thought is was lovely of Hideko to let you know how authentic the prints of the Japanese ladies are.

  2. Your kimono block looks great, and your fabrics are very beautiful.

  3. Oh, this will be a beautiful block. I like the lighter fabric for the obi. I think that's what the tying sash is called. I can hardly wait to see it finished.


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