Saturday, January 20

Japanese Quilt Blocks....CQ # 1

So far I'm loving how the blocks seem to be coming together beautifully..
These are two blocks I've done in CQ.
I'm still waiting on some more fabric that I ordered from the states, so I thought I would make up some CQ blocks to tie in with the applique blocks.
I also needed to buy more of the dark blue indigo fabrics as that seems to have ended up being the main background fabric that is pulling the blocks know what I mean!

My P/work friend Lurline gave me a piece of the gorgeous Geisha girl fabric I've used as centre pieces for the CQ blocks.
At this stage, I think I will be making six blocks across and eight blocks down, with a bigger centre feature block in the middle...of course that may change, it all depends on the overall look of the quilt, and how it will go together, but so far so good!
I'm off to work some more on the quilt...


  1. Those two Japanese women are very charming even from my eyes. I wonder where your friend get this fabric from. When we see such Japanese-like women prints, sometimes they are not natural, mixed some other Asian styles oftenly, but these ladies look very Japanese in their hair style and wearing way of kimonos. I love these two blocks as well as former ones. Are you going to seam stitching? Hideko

  2. This blocks look lovely already, even without stitching. I love the colors, they are so warm and comforting.

  3. Those Geishas look so beautiful to my western eyes. Nice to see Hideko thinks they look so authentic.
    I cant wait to see this quilt finished, it is going to be very special.

  4. This is going to be one beautiful quilt and I can't wait to see the
    progress. I check your blog daily
    to see what new things you have done.
    Love Janice


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