Wednesday, January 17

Japanese Quilt Block # 3....dragonfly.

This quilt is becoming a bigger challenge than I thought it would be...but I am enjoying it!
This is block # 3, and I hope you can see it.
I drew up this block myself.
It's a dragonfly on a bamboo circle with bamboo leaves, the body of the dragonfly being black fabric is a bit hard to make out on the computer, but it looks better in real life.
I've still to add some more bamboo leaves on the bottom right side of the circle.
The leaves are cut from old silk kimono fabric, they were slippery and so hard to get nice sharp fine points....I might also add another smaller dragonfly inside the circle...I'll see!
Circles have particular meaning in Oriental beliefs.
The circle itself came to symbolize the union of heaven and earth, or the cosmos.
Many family crest motifs were stylized within a circle, and used as stamps in place of signatures written with pen and ink.
The bamboo symbolizes good health, I'm not sure about the dragonfly and what it symbolizes.

A p/work friend lent me this book called 'Circles of the East' .
It's a beautiful book with lots of beautiful quilt designs from ancient family crests
I'm also learning a bit about the Japanese cultures as I go, it's very interesting....


  1. Your dragonfly block is fantastic. You are giving me a lot of inspiration for how to use my Japanese fabrics.

  2. This quilt is going to be wonderful. How interesting to learn so much about the Japanese culture.
    My brother collects Netsuke, & he has learnt so much about them, & the symbolism that they use.

  3. I love your Japanese blocks very much. Your colours choice is nice. I am looking foward to seeing more very much. And thank you very much for sharing the photos. Now I can recognize you and Maureen with your each hasband.

  4. Love that book. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Kumiko, it's worth the money. I took a Tales of the Ginja class and made one of the prettiest things I ever did, thanks to her inspiration.

    Your block is wonderful. I find myself anxiously checking your blog for the next new block, I've come to like these so much!


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